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Ok so its almost that time of year… That is Back to School time! Now before you let out that sigh think about this-
This is the perfect opportunity to express your newest fashion ideas!!!!
This is a post to help you make a great expression when you go into your first day of school-

Hair- Try a bright colored ribbon this seasons hottest trend: Neons and psychedelia colors. so of course this is a great way to express your self! take the top section of your hair and put it up in a half pony tail then pull the hair portion that is on at the top of your head toward your face making a puff then tie into the pony tail bright ribbons and there you have it- a bright sensational way to express your style

shirt- Try a bright tee shirt with your own personal touch! I took some bright lime green ribbon and tied big pretty bows then with hot glue i attached them to a bright purple shirt. u could do lots of different things like attaching sequins or faux fur.

bottoms- try a psychedelic pattern jean this is this seasons cute trend choose a pattern that complements the color of your shirt and you body type. i got a bright green vertical stripped pair of skinny jeans.

accessories- small and delicate to big and chunky both will work with this style as long as they are bright colors!!!!!

IF this is not your style try a nice pair of business pants with a bright color blouse that elongates your body and slims it too!

Pair both of these outfits with some sleek classy heels and there you have two outfits that are sure to make your appearance quite popping!!!

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okay so here is our second day of fashion blog


today take a shower early in the morning and put you hair in a messy top not bun. dry hair and spray bun with hair spray when you take the bun down you will have kinky waves. once the bun is out crimp your hair by putting mousse in your hands and squeezing you hair into fists.

head accessory:

try a Barrett to keep your hair out of your face

top and bottoms
today wear a brightly colored sundress with some nice matching shoes.

dress the outfit up by adding some simple silver different length chains for your necklace. an ankle bracelet would be a nice touch for this outfit

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