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Emma’s helpful hints

ok this is a new blog called Emma's helpful hints today my hint is for keeping a chore chart this is a fun thing to do and make for younger children i like it and i hope you will too

Emma's Helpful hints
How to Keep a Good Chore Chart
by Emma Schambach

1 9><9 blank card stock 
1 dry erase marker (your fave. color)
  Lots of stickers 
1 sharpie pen (any color)
1 ruler
1 laminate (sheet or machine)
1 roll of Velcro

1 lay ruler across page horizontally; trace with sharpie
2 Draw a small box with your name in it 
3 in front of each line put a chore
4 take ruler & put it vertically; trace with perm. marker (you should have small columns of squares)
5 in the top of each colom write the days of the weeks
6 decorate page with stickers
7 laminate
8 put rough side of Velcro on bottom of page & add soft side to dry erase marker(stick together)
9 every day that you have completed the chores listed put a check in the boxes under the day with dry erase
10 every week thatyou compleat every row with checks in all the boxes give yourself a treat

7 Responses to “Emma’s helpful hints”

  1. Brianna(: says:

    That’s a really good idea! I think I’m going to make one for my little sisters(:

  2. becca says:

    wow i should make one for my older sisters hahahahaha hey hope too see u soon emma have fun at camp

  3. Emma says:

    please make a request for what to hint on next it would be much appreciated

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