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Hey this is Emma here on emmagracefully.com i am going to try something new i am going to post a story beginning like once upon a time there was a little girl then i am going to have you guys add on to the story through your comments lets see if you like the idea comment and continue this story with me:
Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl she had long black hair and blue eyes one day this girl walked out of her house and said…

10 Responses to “Story page”

  1. emma says:

    help there is a dragon eating the princess! (you see this beautiful girl was not the princess as we expected but a little pauper girl who lived in a little cottage on the outskirts of the palace.)

  2. AddE says:

    As the prince wandered around the dragon he thought how should I approach this monstrous beast. Then it hit him he remembered that dragons breathed fire and then he slowly backed away only for the “princess” to begin crying and when the prince returned he held in his hand not a sward but the world’s largest fire extinguisher and then he threw a rock at the dragon who then dropped the “princess” and then as the dragon was about to roast the prince and girl he used the fire extinguisher which sent the dragon running from the foam like liquid. Then the prince and newly found princess rode into the sunset and went on to get married:)

    (Excuse my randomness;))

  3. emma says:

    beast, Addie, that was beast! love the ending

  4. AddE says:

    Yupp i am just a total beast like thatt:)bahahahaha do you ever feel the urge to say baha fish taco, when somebody sayss bahahaha I know I do so yupp

    Peace out luv,

    AddE who is just beast like thatt;)

  5. becca says:

    then while they were running the horse broke a leg and they fell over a cliff onto a huge trampoline and met three little elves trying to sell them tea…

    (Excuse MY randomness

  6. emma says:

    the beautiful girl loved tea but the prince well he was way allergic to it so as the princess tooka sip of her green tea the prince started coughing the princess wondered what to do to keep breathing…(to bad SHE didnt take CPR and first aid)…

  7. AddE says:

    Eventually she realized that it a goat kissed the prince it would heal him instantly, so she headed out to find a goat as her prince sat there with chest pains, at that she began sprinting. Along the way she found 5 goats all males……….:)

    (Love the randomness of the storyy so far!!:))

  8. Emma says:

    until finaly she found a female goat but the goat was a snob she turned up her nose at the idea of kissing a prince (even though the princess had explained that he was dying)

  9. AddE says:


  10. AddE says:

    The female goat went frolicking away. As the girl sat down and cried until she felt a foot on her shoulder…….

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