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okay so this is my new page i am going to start doing weekly day by day updates on new hair styles to try on each day, new outfits etc.
So here is our first day:

Today is hot so be shore to wear your hair up so you don’t sweat on the back of your neck. Try a high twisted pony tail. Here is how:

first take your hair at the front of your hair line and twist it back do this all the way around the front of your hairline. then put your hair into a sleek high pony tail and there you go a fresh summery style.

head accessory:

If you are bold, like me, try wearing a wide brimmed sun hat tilted to the side this is a major fashion statement and it protects you skin from sunburn

since it is so hot you could pull of a major fashion could be catastrophe today: Just a cammi. Try a light color like white because it doesn’t attract heat.

pair some brightly colored patterned shorts with your white cammi to make the outfit tasteful.

because the outfit other then the hat is so normal try popping it by using a bright colored necklace and flip flop. you could even complete the outfit with a beach y bag

2 Responses to “Fashion Blogz For Fun”

  1. becca says:

    love it!!!!!!

  2. emma says:

    see the first page for back to school

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